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Republican Liberty Caucus of Pennsylvania : State Organizations
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- 16635 Duncansville

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• Description
The Republican Liberty Caucus works to elect pro-liberty Republican candidates and change the direction of the Republican Party.

Founded in 1991, the RLC exists to promote individual liberty, limited government, and free enterprise within the Republican Party by ...
a) promoting these ideals among Party offic...ials and its various organizations
b...) identifying and supporting candidates sympathetic with these ideals, and
c) promoting Caucus membership among Republican Party registrants, officials, and officeholders.

The RLC is the only voice for thousands of grassroots activists working for change within the Republican Party. If you're a Republican who believes in limited government -- whether you're from the old right, a Goldwater Republican, or a libertarian Republican -- the RLC provides a framework (via our state affiliates) to change the Republican party.

Please read our Statement of Principles at http://www.rlc.org/statement-of-pri.... If you agree, consider becoming a member. All dues and donations are re-directed to caucus activities. You may join at http://www.rlc.org/join-the-rlc/.

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